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#StatsDay15 Data Visualisation Challenge

#StatsDay15 Data Visualisation Challenge

On World Statistics Day 2015,
the United Nations Statistics Division and Unite Ideas are proud to announce the

Finalists and winning solution to the #StatsDay15 Data Visualisation Challenge competition

We are delighted by the quality and the creativity of all the submissions received. We invite you to browse the digital exhibition below, which displays the top visualisations submitted by talented participants from all around the World, all of which provide valuable insights into relevant development policy question based on the indicators of the MDG database.

We invite you to browse the gallery below and explore the winning solution, submitted by Jeremy Boy from France, as well as other five finalist solutions.

First Place

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Is the world a better place today?

Author: Jeremy Boy (France / New Zealand), with the help of Anshul Vikram Pandey and Jean-Daniel Feket


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Halting the Spread of HIV

Author: Emily Schuch (United States)

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Health inequity in your city

Author: Doohee You (Republic of Korea)

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The impact of Slumification on Development Goals

Author: Niccolo Cirone (Italy)

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Millennium Development Goals - Indicator Correlation Explorer

Author: Max Galka (United States)

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Behind the scenes of the UN Millennium Goal Development Report

Author: Katharina Rasch (Germany)