Suriname’s President commends the country’s statisticians on World Statistics Day


1 December 2020

In a Message from the President of Suriname addressed to the Secretary-General on the occasion of the Worlds Statistics Day, His Excellency draws attention to the essential need for high quality statistical data for democratic society. The President states that “the Covid-19 pandemic has fueled worldwide interest for high quality statistics”, and data and statistics have been used to monitor socio-economic impacts of the pandemic on the Surinamese population.

On World Statistics Day 2020, the President commends national statisticians in the Suriname General Bureau of Statistics for their efforts and recognizes and supports their important work! The President confirms the commit of the General Bureau of Statistics to the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics. Supporting the theme of this year’s World Statistics Day, the President “reaffirms (Suriname’s) commitment in upholding the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, ensuring (their) national statistical system (is) able to produce appropriate and reliable data that adheres to accepted professional and scientific standards.”