Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong, China celebrates World Statistics Day 2020


1 December 2020

In celebration of the World Statistics Day 2020, the Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong, China (C&SD) set up a new thematic session for the third World Statistics Day on the C&SD website on 20 October 2020.

The Department has also organised a series of activities to mark the World Statistics Day 2020. A public virtual statistical talk on “Science and Technology in the 2021 Population Census” was delivered on 19 September 2020. The talk introduced the application of scientific methodologies in sample design and estimation as well as the adoption of the latest information technology in conducting the 2021 Population Census.

On 20 October 2020, C&SD jointly organised a public virtual lecture on “Connecting the World with Data We can Trust” with the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences of the Education University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Statistical Society, and the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Government. The presentation topics included: (1) Data Veracity, (2) Development and Application of a Data-driven COVID-19 Prognostication Tool in Hong Kong, and (3) Latest Development in Official Statistics Dissemination Services. The lecture received favourable responses from teachers and students from tertiary institutions and secondary schools, government officials and the general public.

C&SD also delivered another public virtual talk on “Development in Official Statistics Dissemination Services and Resources on Public Sector Open Data” in a seminar jointly organised with the Department of Applied Mathematics and the University Research Facility in Big Data Analytics of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 6 November 2020. The talk introduced the latest development in the data dissemination services of C&SD, including the open data initiatives and the new departmental website to be launched shortly. It also briefed on the resources on public sector open data available to the public. Favourable responses were received from the attendees.

As another initiative under the context of the World Statistics Day 2020, C&SD arranged a professional exchange forum on “Quality Assurance of Official Statistics” on 23 October 2020 for professional officers within the Government Statistical Service of Hong Kong. The presentation topics included: (1) Quality Monitoring for the Fieldwork of General Household Survey, and (2) Survey Design and Enhanced Measures for Enumerating Subdivided Units in the 2021 Population Census. There were active and fruitful discussions at the forum and valuable views were exchanged among participants.

For more details of the above activities, please visit the thematic session for the World Statistics Day 2020 on the C&SD website.