YoungStatS, and initiative of Young Statisticians Europe launched on World Statistics Day

by YoungStatS

28 October 2020

YoungStatS blog and webinar project,, is set up to promote research in statistics in its broadest sense, encompassing all of its areas and applications, among other mathematical statistics and probability, official statistics, biostatistics and medical statistics, social statistics, economic statistics and econometrics, environmental statistics, statistics in natural sciences, data science and survey methods. The intended audiences are in particular young researchers and scholars in statistics, but also research community in statistics in general, practitioners in the field, advisory councils, institutions, academia, the private sector as well as journalists.

Young Statisticians Europe (YSE) is an initiative of a group of young professionals in statistics, econometrics and data analysis, launched during a workshop in France in October 2018 by 20 representatives from 8 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Romania and Spain). It aims to develop a network of young statisticians at European level to facilitate idea and best practice exchange as well as better collaboration, both in research and teaching. The initiative has since received the support of FENStatS ), To this day, YSE has been joined by other European groups from Ireland, Italy and Slovenia. The official launch of the project was held on October 20th, 2020, to celebrate World Statistics Day.

Please, find more information at FENStatS, and