Statistics Bloom in Harmony

by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia,

16 October 2020

In line with the celebration of the Worlds Statistics Day 2020 around the world and to be a part of this celebration, I would like to refresh DOSM's dedication to the global community on a special song entitled "Statistics Bloom in Harmony". The song was composed by Malaysia for the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019, where the lyrics as a whole highlight the significance of statistics and data for decision making in binding a nation as well as considering 2030 Agenda aspirations. Therefore, we dedicated the song to the global statistical community for widespread use at any national or international events.

The Department of Statistics, Malaysia sincerely hopes that the video clip will be the greatest instrument to improve statistical literacy and further strengthen the statistical network that unites and promotes the importance of sustainable national statistical capabilities to produce reliable and timely statistics, especially to meet the 2030 Agenda. Let's join hands together as a statistical community promotes the statistical literacy for evidence-based decision making for a better life tomorrow. Happy World Statistics Day 2020!

Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin, Chief Statistician Malaysia