Nicaragua celebrates World Statistics Day with series of activities


by Instituto Nacional de Información de Desarrollo - INIDE

22 October 2020

Honoring the commitment of the National Development Information Institute (INIDE), with the official statistics of the Republic of Nicaragua, we have developed a series of activities that began on Friday, October 9, 2020, with the commemoration of the foundation of our National Statistics Office known as INIDE and we will culminate with a series of thematic exhibitions in our institution on World Statistics Day itself, inviting institutional technicians and users of the information, attached list of topics:

  • Updating of the INIDE legal framework.
  • Statistics and public policies
  • Main Results of the IV CENAGRO.
  • Importance of basic statistics for macroeconomic indicators
  • Use of vital statistics in population projections.
  • Gender mainstreaming in statistics
  • Multidimensional poverty in Nicaragua. A proposal for its measurement.
  • Notes from an agenda for statistical culture

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