Morocco held a Webinar on the Role of Official statistics in the context of the Pandemic COVID-19


by Haut-commissariat au Plan,

19 October 2020

In the current and unprecedented context of COVID-19, the High Commissioner for Planning – Morocco celebrated World Statistics Day 2020 under the theme" The role of official statistics in the context of the Pandemic COVID-19." On this occasion, a series of activities were scheduled, in particular a webinar that was held on 20 October. The webinar aims to enrich the debate on the role of official statistics in enlightening the decision makers in the COVID -19 pandemic context and to highlight the transformation needed to adapt the statistical tools and methods to ensure continuity in producing timely and reliable data.

Other activities will be accessible through a dedicated online website to communicate on the recent activities of HCP in terms of statistical operations, national accounts, modeling, forecasting, digitalisation process and data dissemination (thematic presentations in streaming, leaflets, videos, infographies,etc.)

Morocco's website for the WSD is available at