FAO released the Data Lab for Statistical Innovation.

by Jose’ Rosero Moncayo

19 October 2020

Recent global emergencies, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, have led to numerous challenges. It has become increasingly clear that receiving data and information in near real time is crucial. To meet these emerging challenges – and more long-term issues, such as achieving the SDGs – FAO is promoting new and innovative approaches to collecting and disseminating data.

One such approach is the recent launch of FAO’s Data Lab for Statistical Innovation. Established by FAO’s Statistics Division, the Data Lab draws upon non-traditional sources, such as satellite imagery, data catalogues on the web, documents, news and social media posts. It contributes to filling in data gaps in domains and geographical areas for which there is little official data available.

The Data Lab provides timely and detailed data and analysis, drawing insights from diverse information sources to support decision making.

The Data Lab is also supporting FAO’s Hand-in-Hand Initiative to accelerate progress on the SDGs in 43 focus countries with the highest poverty and hunger rates.

FAO Data Lab:

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